Lifestyle: Caforio Extended Family

August 14, 2020

After spending the fourth of July weekend at Cayuga lake with family, I was able to catch a boat ride over to Wells College. I arrived early to scope out the best areas for family photo. The sun was shining bright and it was a really hot day…come to think of it I believe there was a heat advisory. 
I met the Caforio gang down by the Wells College boathouse ad we begin taking pictures there. Then we moved over to some great spots down by the water with lots of greenery. I enjoyed hanging out with the Caforio group for our session. After finishing the session, I could not wait to send over their images. I knew this session was special since it was an early Christmas gift for their Mom/Grandma who has been a scrapbooker for 20 years and pictures are everything to her. I know I love my job when I receive a message after sending the gallery letting me know that their mom cried just three pictures in!!!

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